International Clients

Sans Frontiere work with businesses in a range of sectors launching their products and building their brands across Europe and the UK.

Using a marketing agency that is established in the UK can make a significant difference to your business when launching into this new market. Our detailed knowledge and expertise, gained over 30 years of experience, will enable you to penetrate the UK market and launch your brand and products successfully.

As a UK based agency, experienced in working with international clients, we are comfortable working closely with you to act as your strategists, marketing and PR department. We’d like you to think of us as part of your internal marketing team – you can count on us to deliver outstanding work on time and on budget.

Given our range of services, you can streamline your processes and work with one marketing supplier to create effective, integrated campaigns and consistent messaging.

We work with clients in a range industries, click here to see examples of our work

If you would be interested in working with us as your representatives in the UK or simply on a one off project please contact or call us for a free consultation.