Over 33% of all the transactions generated by Easter digital campaign for Plumpton - Sans Frontiere Marketing Communications

Over 33% of all the transactions generated by Easter digital campaign for Plumpton

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Plumpton Racecourse Digital Marketing Campaign

Plumpton Racecourse, one of the leading racing destinations in Sussex, started horse racing in 1884 and continues to be a trendsetter in race days and high profile corporate events.

With only 17 race days a year, Plumpton has a short lead-time in which to plan and execute an incredible amount of activity. It’s an exciting business, with specific race days that are tailored for audiences and premier days out for many who travel long distances for Ladies Day, Family Day and other race days that Plumpton has achieved a reputation for throughout the UK.

Considering tight lead times where so much attention is on just a few crucial days of the year, Sans Frontiere delivered a bespoke digital advertising package that supplemented Plumpton’s presence online and in print to improve the following marketing opportunities:

  • Improve awareness of specific race days for people in Sussex searching for “days out”.
  • Increase engagement and traction from Plumpton’s existing Social Media assets.
  • Deliver more bookings for those who are existing racing enthusiasts and encourage them to come along to specific race days.
  • Increase conversions for those who were searching for Plumpton Racecourse but had yet to commit to a specific race day.
  • Encourage Social Media users to interact with Facebook event pages

We set up campaigns targeting three audiences; people within a certain geographic region who were interested in horse racing events, individuals looking for “days out” over short timescales around the specific race days and individuals looking directly for Plumpton Races that required a more direct channel to booking. We also created and managed thought provoking and interactive creative on Facebook and Digital Display advertising across a range of networks, which created higher than usual levels of engagement.

The results achieved not only gave insight into future development for Plumpton of Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Paid Search and Facebook creative, but also contributed to over 33% of all the transactions.









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