A leaflet campaign to promote your business is a great idea

Leaflet distribution is a great way to get your message out to a wide audience. Here’s a recent Open Day invite that targeted a 5 mile radius of this business. By targeting specific areas and distributing your leaflets door-to-door, you can be sure that your message will be seen by potential customers. Leaflet distribution is an effective way to reach people who might not otherwise see your advertising, and it can be a cost-effective way to promote your business. In addition, leaflet distribution can help you to build brand awareness and generate leads. If you’re looking for a way to reach more people with your marketing message, leaflet distribution is a great option to consider.

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A Commercial Campaign to kick off the heating season

This Awareness Campaign for Ferroli ran Sept – Nov for Ferroli last year. We’ve chosen to feature it to demonstrate our HVAC knowledge and encourage those in the industry that are thinking about how to kick off the heating season to think about working with us for an effective campaign. Knowledge is everything and with over 30 years working for Heating and Ventilating customers we know we can help.

This campaign was to build customer awareness around the fact that Ferroli Commercial have a solution for every commercial application, “:Think you know Ferroli? Thing again”! To show this our concept included include images of all the boilers, boiler outputs and applications. We also differentiated the “Light commercial products” of the boiler range

Ferroli Commercial Range consist of 4 Categories: –

1. Wall Mounted Gas Boilers (60kw to 600kw Cascaded) – Force W Boiler
2. Floor Standing Condensing Oil and Gas Boilers (65kw to 1MW) – TP3 COND Boiler
3. Cast Iron Boilers (32kw to 650kw) – Atlas A, GN2N & GN4N
4. Pressurised Steel Boilers (92kw to 6MW) – RSW Boiler

The Marketing campaign included on the page advertising with Trade Press, Print & Online advertising, including E-shots to databases as well as Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook paid Ads as well as Organic posts. The Trade Press selected were all verified, with audited figures and substantial audience and databases included the market-leading building services magazines trusted by building services professionals for their technical, news and feature content. The official magazine of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers The perfect marketing vehicles to reach the manufacturers, buyers, and specifiers at the centre of the HVAC industry, M & E Contractors and Building Service Design consultants.

Activity planned ran over Sept, October and November. We created a new look for Ferroli Commercial that we applied to a set of fresh assets for Ferroli’s Commercial boiler range, including:

• A4 Advert
• DPS Advert (Ad and advertorial)
• Front Cover – Key Visual (KV) Image
• Eshot headers for Product Range & Force
• Web banners for Ferroli.co.uk & Ferroli.com
• Social Media Assets

Ferroli Eshot
Using the copy and images from the creative concept we created Eshots to go to each publications database.
Set up and Design for one Commercial Range and one Force specific.
1. A large product portfolio
2. A boiler for every job
3. Available in stock
4. Next Day Delivery

If you’re looking for a HVAC campaign or agency this year, please get in touch.

WordPress’s Network Functionality offers the perfect solution for multi site development


We have just finished our forth website using WordPress Network Functionality (formerly known as Multisite) – it’s the perfect solution for multisite development for businesses offering customers franchise type websites or websites with similar attributes.

For franchises WordPress’s Network Functionality offers the perfect solution for syncing branding across customers individual sites.

The sites we have been developing have been built on the industry leading WordPress Platform along with a page builder called Elementor. This handles all of the page designs and is really user friendly.

The Network contains one Master Template Site. This is the one that all future sites are created from and is based on the first site built. This method ensures that every site starts from the same baseline and keeps them all consistent throughout. Each site shares the same installation and key elements are managed from the Network Dashboard – things like plugins and themes. It makes the process of adding a new site incredibly simple and is ideal for this customer as they manage so many websites for different customers. Plus all plugin maintenance and updates can be handled from the Network Admin Dashboard.

At Sans Frontiere we provide everything from state of the art multi-site platforms to affordable website packages – so there’s something for every kind of business. With a track record of building successful websites and as experts in digital media, you can rely on us to help you get your digital marketing in shape.

Our dedicated team of experts have helped 100’s of UK businesses reach millions of potential customers.

If you have this kind of project in your pipeline please get in touch, email audrey@sansfrontiere.com to schedule a call.

Haier – building the brand in Europe

Haier Europe came to us to develop the visual and verbal tools they needed to bring the Haier brand to life in communications across their HVAC products and services in Europe.

We soon realised that building partner relationships was at the centre of Haier’s value proposition in Europe so we set about asking Haier customers what they thought of Haier and what they would like to see the brand doing in Europe. The survey was well received;

“The survey has really helped to better understand our customers and our brand perception at that level. This is a process that we will continue in the future as it has huge value and will help us to develop our service levels & marketing plan for the future”

We went on to deliver a final messaging document that researched brand and product messaging and presented a research portfolio of inspired creative and content to kick start Haier Europes marketing efforts. We’re now working together on developing cross border product promotions and lead generation campaigns building audiences.

Sans Frontiere works with Global Heating manufacturer to launch new After Sales service Caresafe

Global heating appliance manufacturer Ferroli asked us to help them with the relaunch of their customer aftersales service Caresafe to reflect the company’s commitment to provide the very best technical support for its customers.

With our in-depth understanding of Ferroli’s ethos as a public-facing company and its target market, we designed an appealing new brand logo in the company colourways that could be applied to a range of marketing tools. This included new van graphics and work-related items for the Caresafe team of heating engineers to encourage them to feel part of a valued team of experts who will maintain Ferroli’s reputation as a caring, professional company.

Installersmate: Loyalty Club Website – a fresh look with an enhanced user experience

After four successful years of helping to build brand loyalty amongst their valued customers,  boiler manufacturer Ferroli asked Sans Frontiere to modernise and redevelop Installersmate.co.uk, the online loyalty club that we created for Ferroli in 2014.

Aimed at Gas Safe engineers and plumbers, Installersmate is a time and money saving resource for busy installers where they can register and manage their Ferroli product installations and access exclusive offers such as free warranty upgrades.

Sans Frontiere was commissioned to redesign and build the new loyalty club website to create a fresh look with an enhanced user experience. This included a range of improvements to the product registration process, the addition of an SMS annual service reminder function, advanced postcode matching, a feedback form and the facility to upload photos.

A major aspect of the redevelopment for 2019 was the introduction of Reward Points which can be redeemed for a wide range of items such as experience days out, electronics and Ferroli branded workwear.

Building brand loyalty is achieved by giving the customer what they want and for busy installers this meant that a key offering of the new website was the creation of a web-based app for use on all mobile devices.

As a full service agency, Sans Frontiere promoted the rebrand of the loyalty club with PR, an eshot, social media and trade press advertising.

Sans Frontiere continues to update, manage and host the website: http://www.installersmate.co.uk

Ferroli’s stand impresses at Installer 2019 HVAC Exhibition

Looking good Ferroli! Our client Italian boiler manufacturer Ferroli kicked off their 2019 HVAC exhibition programme in style at Installer2019 with an eye-catching stand designed by Sans Frontiere.

This exhibition, which took place at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena in May, is one of the heating & plumbing industry’s most high profile events so it was important that Ferroli’s stand was able to attract visitors in a very competitive environment and that it conveyed the innovation and quality of Ferroli’s products.

As well as the design of the stand we managed the entire project from start to finish. By liaising closely with our client to understand their vision and aims, we managed every aspect that exhibiting at this kind of trade show involves, including the creative concept for the stand graphics, collaboration with the stand build company on the design and construction of the stand, liaison with the exhibition organisers and PR and social media to promote Ferroli’s presence at the event before and during the show. With three more exhibitions to follow this year, the stand design will be adapted to fit the different configurations.

If you are attending an exhibition and need a stand design that makes the most of your time and investment we’d love to help you. Get in touch today!

YouTube channel set up and production of superb case study videos for Cola Stoves

Set up a You Tube channel for Cola Stoves and host the new videos on the Cola website

From its origins in 1963 as a metalworking company for the construction of heating systems, Italian company Cola is now one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of energy efficient pellet stoves and boilers.

Cola came to Sans Frontiere to help them set up the look and feel of their You Tube channel and we worked together to produce three superb case study channel videos.

Cola had the vision to recognise the potential of wood as a fuel and developed the idea of transforming the stove from a simple heat source into an object of beauty and decoration. Following the invention in the USA in 1973 of wood pellets as an environmentally-friendly alternative fuel for industry, it became clear that pellets could be used for boilers and stoves for private homes. As a result, Cola worked to develop specific products in the field of pellets

If your looking for video production for your product or brand please contact audrey@sansfrontiere.com

Installersmate: Loyalty Club Website

Offering customers an online loyalty club has become de rigueur for boiler manufacturers so when Ferroli asked Sans Frontiere to enhance their brand and reputation within this highly competitive market, we came up with the concept of Installersmate. But Installersmate is much more than just a website; as well as a range of benefits for plumbing & heating engineers who install Ferroli boilers, the key offering of this new website required Sans Frontiere to utilise the web services of a third party organisation by using their API.

This complex back-end development work allows installers to make their boiler installation notifications with Gas Safe Register – something they are required to do by law – via Installersmate with Ferroli paying the £2.20 fee for them. The success of this project involved precise adherence to Gas Safe Register’s requirements, which we achieved thanks to our digital expert knowledge and dedicated account management.

Building brand loyalty is achieved by giving the customer what they want; Sans Frontiere’s experience of marketing within the energy sector meant that we knew what Ferroli’s customers would be looking for, and it didn’t need to be over-complicated.

As well as free Gas Safe notifications, Installersmate provides installers with a secure place to keep a record of all their Ferroli boiler installations, a quick and simple way of registering their customers’ valuable warranties and regular competitions, plus a points-per-purchase rewards scheme planned for 2015.

Installersmate also comes with a great business-building tool – an email reminder service that tells both the customer and the installer that the boiler’s annual service is due. By programming the system to trigger an email to both parties six weeks before the anniversary of the installation, Installersmate helps to build loyalty between the installer and customer and protects the reputation of the brand by encouraging best practice.

The creative design of the website reflects Ferroli’s branding, which is both striking and familiar to installers, and has a friendly ‘face’ that was meticulously selected to appeal to our target market.

After launching the loyalty club with PR, an eshot and trade press advertising, the target market of Gas Safe registered engineers began to sign up at a rate of knots and the Ferroli brand continues to reap the benefits.

Brand Assets, Web Development and Video for a range of Disruptive Technologies that set a new standard


Canetis Technologies Ltd is a British innovator of disruptive technology that delivers significant savings for consumers and businesses by improving heating and hot water efficiency. The Canetis group is focused on developing and investing in low carbon technologies that will deliver attainable and realistic reductions in energy usage and set new standards in energy efficiency.

Canetis Technologies chose Sans Frontiere Marketing to bring its brand to market and develop product branding for its range of disruptive technologies.

Our work to date has been focused on the creation, design and development of the website www.canetis.io; the creation of a series of Homeowner, Installer and Building Services videos; email marketing; PR; social media management and exhibition material for a presentation at Energy Innovation Exhibition, Looking to the Future at Portcullis House, Westminster.

If you have been working on developing a new product and are looking for a creative partner to work with you to bring it to market we would love to hear from you.

A good weekend! We had visitor numbers of 15,391 and given our target was 16,000, we are pretty pleased with that.



Over the bank holiday weekend over 15,000 visitors flocked to the South of England Showground for the South of England Agricultural Societies annual Spring Live! event.

This two day show took place on Sunday 5th and Monday 6th May and celebrated the best of springtime living and offered a host of activities for every generation to enjoy.

Sans Frontiere Marketing planned and executed the Show branding and graphic design as well as all media.

We produced videos at the Show to entice both visitors and Trade stands to come back next year!

The Google Ads and Facebook campaigns delivered great results for a small investment.

Google Ads Search Campaign Report 

Clicks: 3,300

ROAS: 2.27 (OVER 227% Return On Advertising Spend)

Google Ads Display Campaign Report

Impressions: 737,000

Facebook Ads Report

 Impressions: 197,500

Clicks: 3,407

ROAS: 2.24 (OVER 200% Return On Advertising Spend)

There were many insights gained from these campaigns that will assist us in future campaign development.

If you would like to engage with our advanced digital marketing capabilities please contact us on 01273 487 800 or email joe@sansfrontiere.co.uk






Brand development and website for the Royal Alex Children’s Hospital & Trevor Mann Baby Unit

Sans Frontiere was proud to work with the Royal Alex Children’s Hospital in Brighton to develop their brand and improve their website. Sans Frontiere drew on the animal theme of the hospital’s architecture to develop a distinctive and friendly new website to promote this superbly equipped children’s hospital and to develop communication links between the hospital, prospective patients and GPs.

Elements of the new website:

  • Child-friendly
  • Ease of use
  • Accessibility
  • Multi-functional
  • Informative
  • Visually friendly and appealing

The new brand identity was utilised on the website as well as patient literature that helps prepare parents and children for their visit.

Sans Frontiere continue to update, manage and host the website: http://www.theroyalalex.co.uk

“This is a stunning achievement. It looks great! Thank you so much for all your work. I would highly recommend Sans Frontiere’s services to anybody who is looking for the same high standards of work,” commented Chief of Women & Children’s Division, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals (BSUH) NHS Trust.

Following the positive feedback from the Royal Alex Children’s Hospital, Sans Frontiere were commissioned by BSUH to develop and design a second website, this time for the Trevor Mann Baby Unit, also in Brighton: http://www.trevormannbabyunit.co.uk

Sans Frontiere designs and builds websites that are original, practical, innovative, eye- catching, easy to navigate, responsive and, importantly, intelligently adjust their layout and features based on the device that they are being viewed.

If you have been working on developing a new product or service and are looking for a creative partner to work with to bring it to market, we would love to hear from you!

Sans Frontiere help visitor numbers reach over 65,000 at the South of England Show!



Saturday gave us the perfect weather and resulted in just over 30,000 visitors! In fact just over 65,000 over the three days!

Thanks for all you help and support in putting together a compelling creative and media campaign, which I’m sure helped our numbers this year.

The media coverage was exceptional this year, which kept us all extremely busy at the show, and we got some excellent national and regional TV, print media and radio coverage.

No doubt, we will undertake a fuller review of what went well and what could be better so we can build on the success of this year.  But for now, it is good to celebrate in a successful show!

Iain Nicol


South of England Agricultural Society

Trusted by corporate businesses, technology companies, event organisations and charities across Europe & the UK


Emergesecure chose Sans Frontiere to work with them to develop the Emergesecure brand and associated product brands.

Emergesecure is a global business that makes it easier and simpler to create and distribute secure and sensitive documents in print and digital formats that are protected against forgery and counterfeiting.

Our designers worked with Emergesecure to develop their brand both online and offline. Emergesecure offers a number of different products which we have built up as brands in their own right, each with a dedicated website.

Whilst browsing the Emergesecure website you might find yourself on: https://www.epayslipsecure.co.uk/electronic-payslip-generation/ or https://www.ecertsecure.co.uk or https://www.ekeepersecure.co.uk

And so on. We are currently working on several new products.

Our complex website structuring means you can move seamlessly around website domains without having to leave the main site or even realise you are doing so.

Emergesecure is an innovator and as such needs to work with like-minded people to get the job done. If you feel that you have a complex brand and need an agency with the ability to grasp innovative thinking quickly, you may have just found your match.

Sans Frontiere Marketing is trusted by corporate businesses, technology companies, event organisations and charities across Europe & the UK.

Discover how our expertise can empower your business.

Get under starters orders for the big bank holiday weekend at Brighton Racecourse Gentlemen’s Day 


Best Dressed Gent competition, fantastic prizes, goal scoring practice with Brighton & Hove Albion, entertainment from Dixieland jazz trio The 12th Street Swingers, Champagne and cocktails – it’s all happening at Gentlemen’s Day at Brighton Racecourse on Friday 27th May and Sans Frontiere were on hand to deliver the full campaign of creative, PR, radio and more!



Brighton Racecourse: Season Opening Campaign

Sans Frontiere was engaged by Brighton Racecourse to conceptualise a Spring campaign for their Season Opening Race Evening.

The campaign was targeting a slightly younger demographic of Brightonians and was aiming to emphasise the social aspect of the races.

The creative was used across digital advertising, social media campaigns, posters, outdoor advertising, newspaper and magazine advertising.

South of England Agricultural Society


Whether it’s creative to promote their flagship event the South of England Show or the branding for the Shows throughout the year, the South of England Agricultural Society relies on us to deliver on all counts. We provide the Society with branding and high impact cross channel marketing campaigns that work across all platforms on a quick and efficient turn around.

This year we have developed new branding for each of the Society’s four Shows, developed the creative for the relaunched Spring Live! event and the very exciting new creative for this year’s South of England Show with the tag line ‘You’ll LOVE our Country Show’. There’s been a lot to do already this year along with pay per click campaigns, Facebook and Twitter activity @SouthofEngShows, eshots, videos, billboards, radio advertising and much more. We are all working hard to deliver day visitor numbers in excess of 70,000 for the South of England Show 2018.

With over 21 years experience of working with Day Visitor Venues we are proud to be now working with one of the South’s biggest and best. We would be delighted to add more venues to our list of happy clients. Please do get in touch to find out how we can help you to boost your visitor numbers.

Epayslipsecure: Product launch

Epayslipsecure is a payslip generation and distribution and employee communication software solution.

To launch their product, Sans Frontiere created a strong brand identity and collateral including a website, brochures and video.

Sans Frontiere created a brand strategy approach to identify a brand positioning, a set of unique brand values and a brand mission statement that would differentiate Epayslipsecure from the competition. The brand had to appeal to a range of potential customers so we ensured flexibility and versatility while retaining a strong sense of brand integrity.

We created brochures, a commercial website to showcase the product and launched a digital online advertising campaign to drive traffic.