Wish you could migrate your old websites to a new platform without too much fuss & cost?

Is your website and online presence letting you down just because the backend is SO complicated you can’t update content?

It’s a common problem. We have plenty of experience of working with clients that had their website developed years ago using old technology. They’re slow, difficult to maintain, maybe with too much content, or they’re happy with the content but wish they could update it…

Wish you could migrate your old websites to a new platform without too much fuss & cost?

We have just finished migrating a whole host of inaccessible websites into one website. The site has been built on the industry leading WordPress Platform along with a page builder called Elementor. This handles all of the page designs and is really user friendly.

Built using WordPress’s Network Functionality (formerly known as Multisite)it is the perfect solution for multi-site companies that want individual sites for each part of their business or companies that offer franchises. WordPress’s Network Functionality offers the perfect solution for syncing branding across your customers individual sites.

The Network contains one Master Template Site.

This is the one that all future sites are created from and is based on the first site built. This method ensures that every site starts from the same baseline and keeps them all consistent throughout. Each site shares the same installation and key elements are managed from the Network Dashboard – things like plugins and themes. It makes the process of adding a new site incredibly simple and is ideal for this customer as they manage so many websites for different customers. Plus all plugin maintenance and updates can be handled from the Network Admin Dashboard.

At Sans Frontiere we provide everything from state of the art multi-site platforms to affordable website packages – so there’s something for every kind of business. With a track record of building successful websites and as experts in digital media, you can rely on us to help you get your digital marketing in shape. 

Our dedicated team of experts have helped 100’s of UK businesses reach millions of potential customers.

If you have this kind of project in your pipeline please get in touch, email audrey@sansfrontiere.com to schedule a call.